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Saudade - Our word!Saudade is one of the most used word in love poems and in Portuguese music songs, like Fado songs.Saudade means the memory of something that happened and the intense will of reviving certain moments.The tradition and history of Portugal transported in one piece. With words or symbols, our hooks share the Portuguese essence with the walls they inhabit.It is the note that marks our inheritance.Whether they are figures, words or icons the hooks sustain the history and grab the present.From Barcelos passing by our fado, the hooks imposetheir presence through its strong color that so much marks our flag, seas and culture. Slang and Tradition - In this collection we find popular Portuguese expressions, such an important part of the immaterial heritage that is derived from language. Building blocks of Portuguese identity, this informal vocabulary has been transmitted from generation upon generation, populating the Portuguese phonetic imaginary with analogies and metaphors which reflect the Portuguese culture and sense of humor.


Blue coated steel hook, with the word saudade, whose translation does not exist.

Easy to set. Different types of wall material require different types of setting. 

Screws are not included.&l


Clean with dry cloth.

Use suitable ironmongery for the walls of your home. 


We send to Portugal and for the rest of the World.

If wished we have express delivery available in some destinations.For cost estimates please check at checkout.

Deliveries in 48 hours to Portugal Mainland. Subject to stock availability.To do free returns, please contact us via email to geral@inspiracoesportuguesas.pt.

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