Customizing spaces with a Portuguese touch. That’s how our project Inspirações Portuguesas was born.
Printing our history in cushions.
Thinking inside out. Facing towards what is ours, our roots, our people, our culture. Portuguese inspirations was born out of the necessity of materializing the Portuguese cultural heritage, as a distinguished brand.
Each commercialized product is accompanied by a brief text clarifying the history of each item. In this way, whoever acquires it, Portuguese or foreign, takes a context and a bit of our origins. Each piece tells its story.
Today we have seven collections: Tiles, Plates, Roots, Arraiolos, Saints, Slang / Tradition and Calçada that have as ascendant the characteristic arts of Portuguese culture.


We are a brand where the primary commodity is the “portugueseness”.
Portuguese culture is rich in many traditions and costumes, offering creativity to
Inspirações Portuguesas as raw material.

We recover the handmade looms tapestry tradition, adapting the shape for placemats and rugs. We took our stone rugs, “calçada”, onto our beaches with our towels. Our slang onto T-shirts and our tiles to blankets.
Travel with us throwout Portugal by watching our inspirations in this video

The creations are available in our online store as well as in several stores across the country.

We are all part of a nation that in the 15th century set sail for "seas never before sailed" with courage and determination. As in the past, expansion is part of our goal: to internationalize the brand and, like our ancestors, continue to carry our tradition and culture across borders.

We are proudly a national brand.

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