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Ref. 15GI004



Crude white 100% cotton. With round neckline and short sleeves.

T-shirt with printed illustration "LÁGRIMAS DE CROCODILO" on the front highlighting our typical Portuguese tastes, traditions and expressions.


Machine wash 30ºC max, short spin

Do not use bleach / whitener

Iron 110°C max

Do not dry clean


  • “This looks like a crocodile tears cry”.


  • This saying is used when referring to someone hypocrite, since crocodiles are known for crying while eating their prey, when, in truth, they are enjoying their death. This happens because as they bite their prey so strongly, the mandible compresses the lacrimal glands. This way, when someone is fake crying, lacking sincerity or regret, we say that those are “crocodile tears”.


  • A t-shirt that takes us forward. Inspired in what we have best. Genuinely Portuguese.
  • Slang and Tradition - In this collection we find popular Portuguese expressions, such an important part of the immaterial heritage that is derived from language.


  • Building blocks of Portuguese identity, this informal vocabulary has been transmitted from generation upon generation, populating the Portuguese phonetic imaginary with analogies and metaphors which reflect the Portuguese culture and sense of humor.
A tradition, a culture, our people.
Our inspirations.