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Ref. 03PR001


45 (W) X 45 (H) cm / European


 Napkins in digital printing allusive to Sacavém tablewar.

100% cotton, sold in pack of 4 units.

Each napkin in this pack is unique and different,
there may be two designs on some napkins.



Machine wash 30ºC max, short spin

Do not use bleach / whitener

Iron 150 °C max

Do not dry clean

Do not tumble dry


  • Inspired by the Loiça de Sacavém and Portuguese Tiles, our napkins came to complete our tablecloth and placemats, granting a final touch to the dining table. 


  • Made in 100% cotton, each pack is unique.
  • So unique as our napkin it’s the design present in each one.
  • There are not two napkins alike.


  • Our history does not repeat itself. Neither does our pack.


  • PRATOS - Inspired by the exterior tiles of the Mercado Municipal of Vila Franca de Xira, the “Estátua” ou “Cavalinho” Plate, printed with varied colors, is part of our history. We got used to seeing those famous Loiça de Sacavém Plates dressing the walls of our parents or grandparents house.


  • Nowadays converted into a museum, the Fábrica de Loiça de Sacavém, founded in 1856, stood out in the national and international ceramic’s panorama of the 20th century. Since then, the ceramics became a material with a strong fabrication tradition in Portugal. An art that has gained strength and has been affirmed in our culture and heritage.


  • In our collection, the Loiça de Sacavém plates are present from rugs to blankets. Our present is our history.
A tradition, a culture, our people.
Our inspirations.