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“Quem pode, pode” (roughly translated as “Those who can, may”) means having access to something that only a few have. The complete version, “Quem pode, pode. Quem não pode sacode”, translating in something like “Those who can, may. Those who can’t, shake it off”, refers to the improvising capacity for those whom lack something should have. GÍRIA E TRADIÇÃO - In this collection we find popular Portuguese expressions, such an important part of the immaterial heritage that is derived from language. Building blocks of Portuguese identity, this informal vocabulary has been transmitted from generation upon generation, populating the Portuguese phonetic imaginary with analogies and metaphors which reflect the Portuguese culture and sense of humor. From Portugal to the whole world. A genuinely Portuguese product.


White 100% cotton fringed beach towel.Typical Portuguese expression "QUEM PODE, PODE" printed.


Machine wash 30ºC max, short spin

Do not use bleach / whitener

Iron 110°C max

Do not dry clean

Do not tumble dry


We send to Portugal and for the rest of the World.

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Deliveries in 48 hours to Portugal Mainland. Subject to stock availability.To do free returns, please contact us via email to

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