TILES MASK Certified

6.00 €
Washable and reusable mask with CITEVE certificate - level 3 - Up to 5 washes.

Made of certified Polyester (outer) and Cotton (inner). It contains a comfortable metallic pin that is adjustable to the nose. Not certified for use in hospital and similar environments. Sold individually.

Reusable, designed to promote the protection of groups. This mask must be used for a maximum period of 4 hours, and must be changed whenever it is wet.

Maximum number of washing cycles in which the protective performance of the mask is guaranteed: 5.

TILES - Present in the most diverse ways in our daily lives, the tile is an icon of Portuguese history. From facades to interior walls of buildings, we get used to the presence of tiles considered part of our heritage.
In our collection, the tile approach allows us to have a new vision. In the past, history was told through tile representation. Today we are the ones who tell their story.
Mask composed of cotton, polyester and polypropylene.

Front stamped with the pattern alluding to Arraiolos.

Mask that protects and inspire
Machine wash at 60ºc (normal process)
Do not use bleach / bleach
Do not dry clean
Do not use a dryer


Limitations on use:
It is not a medical device. It does not comply with the regulation of surgical masks (EU / 2017/745 regulation) or individual protection equipment (EU / 2016/425 regulation) ”.
The mask should be used very dry after washing. The wet / damp mask reduces the
mask protection.
The mask can only be used by someone else after washing.

If you accidentally get your mask wet, replace it with a dry one as soon as possible. The wet mask must be washed before being reused.

At the end of the recommended daily use or whenever you return home, the mask should be
washed before being reused.
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Deliveries in 48 hours to Mainland Portugal. Unless out of stock.

If you wish we have express delivery (next day delivery) available to some destinations.
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