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Ref. 09AZ001


Ø4,8 x 4,6 cm


100% vegetable wax candle with vanilla fragrance.

Presented in a transparent cylindrical glass with screen printing of portuguese tiles.
Pack of 3 cups with 3 tiles patterns


- Place the candle on a heat resistant surface and avoid the proximity of heaters or other hot surfaces.
- Avoid lighting the candle in spaces where children or pets are present.
- Always keep the candle in a vertical position so that the wax burns evenly. When turning it out, allow the wax to cool before using it again.
- Keep the wick at a height of 6 mm above the wax so that it burns well.
- Keep the wax free of debris.
- Always use it away from curtains, ventilation ducts and fans. If you use more than one candle at the same time, leave a space of 10 cm between them.
- Turn the candle out after 4 hours of use, and never leave the candle unattended in a room. Always use a candle snuffer.
- Turn the candle out before it burns to the end.



The tile is an art form that characterizes the Portuguese culture  occupying an important position in ornamental art since the sixteenth century.
Originally used to cover the walls of palaces and churches, the Portuguese tiles have become the expression and art statement that has most impressed the artistic productivity of the past 500 years in Portugal.

A tradition, a culture, our people.
Our inspirations.