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History is written in books, but holds on to the fridge. Some pople leave love letters or simply a note to the children in our homes’ vertical murals, the fridges.There is nothing better than history and tradition to pin the present. At the fado’s sound, walking on the “saudade”, there are many illustrations about our history which are represented in this colletion composed by pack of 4 magnets each. It never made as such sense as now to have our present hold by our origins. CALÇADA - The stone tapestry that has been decorating the streets,now have found one more place to keep on living: our Calçada collection.

 Introduced by the Romans, and adapted to our materials and grounds by us, the traces of the Portuguese sidewalk go from the Atlantic to the Far East. Brought from beneath us, now it lives in plain sight in our Calçada collection. This collection allows us to remember that in Portugal, even in the sidewalks we have the singularity. From stone to stone, we built a collection that fairly tributes our stone tapestry. Going from the towel to the candlestick, in this collection you will see the Calçada as you have never seen. In collaboration with ROC2C brand we developed this collection


Limestone Rock"Mar Largo" pattern printedSize may vary


Clean with dry cloth


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