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New Ref. 16CP004


6 x 6 x 4 (H) cm


Limestone Rock
2 Ø cm for candle placement 
Size may vary


  • From the Ancient to the present times, or from the stone tapestry to our tables. It was through an important object since medieval times, to the crossroad with our history, that the Calçada Candlestick emerged.


  • As the typical Portuguese saying "blend water in tough stone, hits so much until it pierces", and we pierced the limestone to give origin to the most beautiful candlestick. In white or black limestone, to a tall or a short candle.

  •  The options are many but the origin, that is Portuguese. 


  • CALÇADA - The stone tapestry that has been decorating the streets,now have found one more place to keep on living: our Calçada collection.


  • Introduced by the Romans, and adapted to our materials and grounds by us, the traces of the Portuguese sidewalk go from the Atlantic to the Far East. Brought from beneath us, now it lives in plain sight in our Calçada collection. This collection allows us to remember that in Portugal, even in the sidewalks we have the singularity.


  • From stone to stone, we built a collection that fairly tributes our stone tapestry. Going from the towel to the candlestick, in this collection you will see the Calçada as you have never seen.


  • In collaboration with ROC2C brand we developed this collection
A tradition, a culture, our people.
Our inspirations.